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The demands for the use of ICT in education is continuing to rise. Schools must help to ensure students' digital literacies, and develop their digital literacies and skills so that they are able to cope in a society and a labor market, where the ability to use digital tools is a necessary prerequisite.

With the growing availability of digital learning tools the task of choosing the most appropriate digital tools for teaching is becoming more complex. To ensure the best benefits from the use of ICT in education, it's important that the tools are chosen and used with a background in pedagogical reflections. The teacher must, on the basis of reflections on the purpose of teaching, the learning objectives and students' prerequisites, choose the digital tools that best support the learning processes, that students must undergo.

eDidaktik introduces a pedagogical framework which may serve as the basis for the teacher's pedagogical reflections, and qualify both the teacher's and students' use of ICT in education. The pedagogical framework is based on a distinction between three types of teaching, and it can act as a springboard for the teacher's organization of teaching and qualify the choice of digital learning tools.

Based on the pedagogical framework eDidaktik also presents a number of articles on free digital learning tools. The articles on the digital learning learning tools are intended as inspiration for teachers who would like to integrate ICT in education with a background in pedagogical reflections, and they provide suggestions on how the different learning tools can support the different forms of teaching. Common to all the presented tools is that they are web-based, and therefore works across technical platforms.

Finally eDidaktik provides consultancy to companies and government agencies on the development of digital learning resources and platforms for teaching. Based on a broad knowledge of a wide range of new digital learning tools eDidaktik provides consulting on functionality and ease of use from a pedagogical perspective. If you have a great idea for a new app or a new digital learning tool, you are very welcome to contact us.

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