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Demands for the use of ICT in education are continuing to rise. Schools must ensure students' digital literacies, so they will be able to cope in a society, where the ability to use digital tools in a smart way is an essential skill.

To ensure the best return on the use of ICT in education it is important, that the digital learning tools are selected and used on the basis of the teacher's pedagogical reflections. The teacher must, on the basis of reflections upon the purposes,, the objectives and the content, and in regard to students prerequisites on the topic, select digital learning tools that support the form of teaching, she wants to practice.

eDidaktik.dk introduces The Pedagogical Framework that can serve as the basis for the teacher's ICT pedagogical reflections and qualify the use of ICT in Education. The Pedagogical Framework is based on a distinction between three forms of teaching, and can help qualifying the choice and use of digital learning tools.

eDidaktisk Model
The Pedagogical Framework

Based on the Pedagogical Framework eDidaktik also presents a number of articles on free digital learning tools. The articles on the digital learning tools can be seen as an inspiration for teachers who would like to integrate ICT in education on the basis of pedagogical reflections, and they provide suggestions on how the different learning tools can support the different forms of teaching. Common to the presented tools is that they are free of cost and web-based, and therefore works across platforms.

eDidaktik also gives lectures and workshops on ICT and pedagogy, and we provide consultancy on development of digital learning tools and platforms for teaching.

If you want to inspire teachers or hold a conference on ICT in education, or if you have a great idea for a new app or a new digital learning tool, please feel free to contact us.