eDidaktik | ICT in Education

eDidaktik aims to inspire teachers to use ICT in education on the basis of pedagogical reflections.

We work from a premise that ICT must not be integrated into teaching at all costs. It must provide pedagogic and didactic oppinion. We believe that it is the individual teacher who is the best to assess whether and how it should be involved in teaching. In the same way, we believe in, that it is the individual teacher can best assess the effect of using it in a specific context.

eDidaktik seeks to support the pedagogical reflections and choices, of the individual teacher. We aim to give pedagogy back to the teacher.

This is why we don't focus on the sharing of standardized, prewritten materials or on the use of centrally produced and distributed learning resources with build-in pedagogical strategies. Instead we focus on the pedagogic application and use of free digital learning tools.

The ePedagogical Framework

eDidaktik introduces The ePedagogical Framework, that can serve as the basis for the teacher's pedagogical reflections and choice of digital tools.

The ePedagogical Framework

Based on The ePedagogical Framework eDidaktik presents a series of articles on free digital tools for teaching. The articles can serve as inspiration for educators, who would like to incorporate ICT in education. They give bids on how the tools can support various forms of teaching, and they presented tools are all free and Web-based and therefore works across platforms.


On eDidaktik.dk you will also find information about our inspirational talks on ICT in education, ICT pedagogy, digital literacy and similar topics, just like you can search our advice on e-learning and development of digital learning resources and platforms for teaching.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.