MindMup in Education

MindMup is a free mind mapping tool, which allows you to collaborate online on a shared mind map. Where Mindmeister requires that you create an account, you can use MindMup and store your maps offline without creating an account. MindMup is primarily suited for use within the dialogical or the polyphonic form of teaching.

MindMup in Education

Within the dialogical form of teaching MindMup can be used as students' tool to generate ideas and organize information. It could be in connection with the tasks they have been asked by the teacher. Students can use MindMup without creating an account, and they can save their mind maps in the browser's memory, and work on them later.

Within the polyphonic form of teaching MindMup can be used by students to create shared maps for generating ideas when solving group assignments, project work and similar tasks. Students can, simultaneously, enroll their ideas in the mind map and they can build on each other's ideas in real-time, and the teacher also has the ability to read and participate in the evolvement of ideas. An online mind map can also serve as a tool to manage the collaboration process between a group of students.

If you wish to use MindMup's opportunities for collaboration, both between students within the polyphonic form of teaching, and between the teacher and the individual student within the dialogic form of teaching, you must activate the extension Realtime collaboration under 'Extentions’ in the menu bar. In order to enable this extension you are required to, linking MindMup to your Google Account. This also provides the ability to store maps on Google Drive. You can read more about the possibilities of online collaboration in this Guide to MindMup.

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