Screenbird in Education

Screenbird is a free screen recording tool, which allows you to quickly and easily record step-by-step guides with speak for your students. Screenbird is web-based and can be used without creating a profile – You can store your video footages on the web, and share them with your students with a link. You can also store them on your computer, and distribute them to students in other ways. The tool is suitable primarily for the monologic form of teaching, .

screenbirdIn the monologic form of teaching, it is obvious to use Screenbird to record guides for students, instructing them on how to work independently with assignments in various programs. For instance you can record a sequence, which shows them how to create trend lines in a spreadsheet. Students can, while working on their tasks, return to the video-based guide, and have the parts repeated that they need, to solve the tasks.

It is also possible to let the students record their own work with Screenbird. Rather than handing in a finished report in mathematics, based on calculations made in Excel, students can use Screenbird to demonstrate how they used specific features in Excel to reach their results – and you get the opportunity to see, whether they can use the features that you have instructed them in the use of.

By creating an account, or logging in with your Google Account or Facebook Profile, you can store up to 150 minutes of video for free.

If you need help getting started with Screenbird in teaching and to use the functions of the tool, You can watch this short presentation, which is recorded with the program: Getting started with Screenbird in Education

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