Socrative in Education

Socrative is a free, web-based evaluation tool, which can be used on both PC, Mac and smartphones. It makes it possible, in an easy way, to evaluate students' learning continuously and to support dialogue and activity in class. Socrative is suitable primarily for use within a monological form of teaching.

Socrative in Education

In the monologic form of teaching, Socrative can be used by the teacher to ensure, that the learners have understood the key concepts of the subject. For example, the teacher may draw up a series of test questions which the students must answer individually using their computer or smartphone, after which the teacher can see which students have responded correctly to the questions. This use of the application offers a good opportunity to evaluate and organise teaching, so that all learners reach the learning objectives.

Socrative can also be used as a springboard for dialogue on class. The teacher can ask oral questions in the class, and ask learners to write their individual responses in Socrative. The replies can then be displayed on the board, and a dialogue can be started around the answers. The written starting point for dialogue gives a larger part of the learners the opportunity to express their opinions, than what is the case in a normal show of hands. It is also possible to make a vote on the incoming responses.

If you need help getting started with Socrative in education and to exploit the tool's features, you can read this Socrative User Guide or watch this Introduction to Socrative

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