ICT in Education

eDidaktik inspires teachers to use ICT in education on the basis of pedagogical reflections.

We believe, that it is the individual teacher cwho an best assess, whether and how it is meaningful to involve ICT in a specific teaching situation. We see it as our task to support the teachers in their ICT pedagogical reflections. Our aim is to give pedagogy back to the teachers.

An appropriate use of ICT in education must be based on the teacher's pedagogical reflections. Therefore, we do not focus on the sharing of readymade, learning ressources with build-in pedagogical aims and strategies. We focus instead on supporting the individual teacher in using free, webbased digital learning resources in education.

The ePedagogical Framework

In support of the teacher's pedagogical reflections on the use of ICT in education, we have developed The ePedagogical Framework. The ePedagogical Framework is an ICT-focused tool, that can serve as the basis for the teacher's ICT pedagogical reflections and qualify the choice and use of digital learning resources. The model is based on the distinction between three forms of teaching, and the idea of the framework is, that these forms of teaching each can be supported by various types of digital learning resources.

The ePedagogical Framework

Digital Learning Tools

eDidaktik presents a series of articles on free digital learning tools. The articles describe the functionality of the learning tools, and give examples on how the learning resources can support the different forms of teaching that are presented in the ePedagogical Framework. The articles can serve as inspiration for teachers, who seek to incorporate ICT in education. The described resources are all free and web-based, and thus works across all digital platforms.


On eDidaktik.dk you will also find information about our inspirational talks and workshops on ICT in education, ICT pedagogy, digital literacy and similar topics, and you can seek our advice and services in relation to projects and development of digital learning resources.

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