Diipo in Education

Diipo is a free, web-based collaboration- and communication platform (LMS) for use in and around the teaching. The communication on the platform is built around a 'stream', in the same manner as is known from e.g. Facebook. You have to teach the ability to create classes (with or without access restriction), and organize the communication within these classes. The platform makes it possible, in an easy way, to overview many different forms of communication with multiple individuals, and it supports a monological, a dialogical and a polyphonic form of teaching.


In the monologic form of teaching, Diipo can be used to issue practical messages to students. When the students have subscribed to the teacher's posts, It shall be ensured that they receive all the updates he/she sends – just like on Facebook or Twitter. Also the blog feature of the platform can be used as the teacher's communication platform. The teacher also has the opportunity to upload learning materials, it could be documents, soundclips, photos and video, and to embed them on the platform.

Students can also, rather than subscribing to updates from their teacher, subscribe to updates from a class, enabling them to receive all messages sent to this class in their own news-stream. This is especially useful in the polyphonic form of teaching, where it is not only the teacher, but everyone in the class, that contributes to the communication. Within the polyphonic teaching the blog feature is also useful, because all members of a class have the opportunity to comment on each others' blogs.

Within the dialogical form of teaching in particular, the app ' Questions ' is available. It allows for students to ask questions in a dynamic FAQ, in which the teacher can continuously respond to questions. Questions and answers will be available to all members of a class, and can also be used as a common reflection- and questions / answers platform during lectures, in the same manner as TodaysMeet. Used in this way, the tool will primarily support a monological form of teaching.

You will, after creating a user on Diipo , continuously receive good advice and tips, on how you can use the functions of the platform.