Google Docs in Education

Google Docs is a free collaborative writing tool, which gives you and your students an opportunity to work simultaneously in text documents, worksheets, presentations, drawings etc.. The tool is suitable primarily for the polyphonic form of teaching, but it is also possible to use it in a dialogical form of teaching.

Google Docs

In the polyphonic form of teaching the tool is obvious to use. in connection with project work, where students must collaborate in groups, and where you as a teacher want to participate in the process. Google Docs allows the teacher and students to collaborate on the process of writing even if they do not sit in the same room.

In the dialogical form of teaching Google Docs can be used for individual or joint process-writing, where students, individually or jointly write a draft text, and the teacher then gives comments directly in the document, after which students work on the same document to incorporate those of your comments, that they consider relevant. Google Docs enables teacher and students to view the document's history, so that one can see what changes have been made from time to time.

If you need help getting started with Google Docs in education and to exploit the tool's features, the guiden her laese KAN: Getting started with Google Docs in Education.