Free digital learning tools

On this page you can read articles on a wide range of free digital learning resources. The learning resources are all Web-based, and therefore works across digital platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

The articles are categorized on the basis of the three forms of teaching from The ePedagogical Framework. In each article there you will find a brief introduction to the learning tool, and it will be analysed on the basis of the ePedagogical Framework in relation to the form of teaching it can support. In addition, the articles give inspiration on how each learning tool may be used.

The articles are addressed to teachers in elementary school, in secondary education, language schools and higher education, as well as it-counselors and librarians, who will be able to find inspiration for the use of ICT in education.

You can either orient yourself in the many learning resources from the three forms of teaching found in The ePedagogical Framework; the monological, the dialogical or the polyphonic, or you can sort the articles from some of the topics and forms of work, that the articles relates the learning tools to: