Hackpad in Education

Hackpad is a very easy to use, free wiki tool, which gives you and your students an opportunity to collaborate simultaneously on filling and editing the class/team's own wiki or to collaborate on any topic. At the same time, the tool gives you as a trainer insight into, who has written what on the wiki. The tool is suitable primarily for the polyphonic form of teaching.

In the polyphonic form of teaching it is obvious to use Hackpad as the class' common knowledge platform. You can create pages in Hackpad which are associated with specific subjects from teaching, and learners may jointly fill them, and in this way contribute to the common production of knowledge. Collections can easily be created, e.g. for a subject, and the collection can have several subpages, e.g. a page with professional conceptual explanations, pictures and a page with urls to home pages with videos or key information on the subject.

You can also set up a 'worksheet', e.g. in connection with literature analysis, where the learners simultaneously write down their respective contributions to the various parts which forms the analysis of a text. The teacher has the opportunity to develop templates for completion before the learners are 'unleashed'. Because everyone can see who has written what in real time, the common writing in Hackpad furthermore supports the class conversation.

If you need help getting started using Hackpad in education and to exploit the features of the tool, the guiden her laese KAN: Getting started with Hackpad in Education.

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