Who is the Author?

Niels Jakob PasgaardeDidaktik is managed by Niels Jakob Pasgaard, who has a background as a school teacher and a master's degree in philosophy of education.

Niels Jakob has been involved professionally with e-learning and the use of ICT in education for several years, and is an active voice in the public debate on education, and the use of ICT.

On eDidaktik.dk he is linking his reflections on philosophy and pedagogy to the practical use of ICT in education, and he presents some of the free, digital learning tools, that he sees the greatest potential in.

Niels Jakob is also engaged in broader discussions on pedagogy, and Bildung. You can read more about his work on these topics and book a lecture at nielsjakobpasgaard.dk

Send Niels Jakob an email on info@edidaktik.dk, contact him through LinkedIN or Google Plus or give him a call at 2464 6680, if you are interested in cooperating with him.