InfuseLearning in Education

InfuseLearning is a free, Web-based learning tool, which can be used to engage the students. It allows you to let the students answer multiple choice or open-ended questions using text or drawings on their laptops, tablet-PCs or smartphones, and for the teacher to distribute links and drawings / pictures directly to students. Infuselearning is suitable primarily for use within a monological form of teaching.


In the monologic form of teaching, InfuseLearning can, in the same way as for example Socrative, be used by the teacher to ensure, that the learners have understood the key concepts of the subject. For example, the teacher may draw up a series of test questions which the students must answer individually using their computer or smartphone, after which the teacher can see which students have responded correctly to the questions. The teacher can also ask students to draw their answers in InfuseLearning. Students are, when the teacher has initiated this activity, displayed a blank canvas, as they can draw on (with your mouse on the PC/Mac and with the fingers of tablets/smartphones).

With InfuseLearning the teacher also has the opportunity to distribute a link to a specific website to the students. This may be relevant when simultaneously initiating students' tasks.

If you need help getting started with InfuseLearning and to exploit the functions of the learning tool, You can view the guide here: Getting Started with InfuseLearning