Kaizena in Education

Kaizena is a free tool that makes it easy to comment and provide feedback on Google documents. The tool makes it possible to provide both written and voice comments, and is primarily suited for use within the dialogical form of teaching.

Kaizena in Education

Within the dialogical form of teaching Kaizena can be used in process-oriented writing or when giving response to students' papers.

It is possible to insert written comments in documents in the same way as known from Word and Google Docs, but in addition you can record voice comments and insert them into the documents, and you can link to resources, which can support writing work — like other texts or videos on Youtube. The annotated sequences of the text are given a color, and it is possible to change this color, in order to sort the comments into groups. This could be relevant if one focuses on both the grammar and the academic content in the response.

Kaizena is integrated with Google Drive, and one must therefore have a Google account to use the tool. Such can be created here. Integration with Google Drive makes it possible, that one can open Kaizena directly from the Google Drive by right clicking on a document and click ' open with ... Kaizena '.

If you want to try the tool, you can find more information about the features in this introduction to Kaizena.