Kidblog in Education

Blogs (or weblogs) is a powerful tool to use for reflection and communication in and around teaching. Kidblog allows to give each student his/her own blog for free, and to gather all the students blogs and comments in one place, which makes it easy to keep track. It is extremely easy to create your own and student's blogs on Kidblog.

Kidblog is suitable primarily for use within the dialogical or the polyphonic form of teaching.

Within the dialogical form of teaching it is obvious to use Kidblog as students' individual electronic portfolio. Students can document their daily reflections on teaching in their own blog, and the teacher has the opportunity to read and. comment on students' posts. The blog can serve as the place, where students express a need for the teachers help on specific issues. It can also be used as part of the evaluation of the teaching and materials – seems the pupil, that he/she gets enough out of teaching?

Within the polyphonic form of teaching Kidblog can be used as a communication tool. The tool allows the students to write posts on subjects they are involved in in class, and they can comment on each others posts. That way the tool can contribute to the common debate on a topic. You can assign students to different classes when you create them, and students can, because all blogs are collected in one place, easily create an overview of what the other students in class are writing, and find inspiration for their own blogs.

If you need help getting started with Kidblog in Education and to use the functions of the tool, you can watch denne (engelsksprogede) præsentation, showing you how to get started.