Getting started with Socrative

In this guide you will get an introduction to, how to use Socrative in education.
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Opret bruger på SocrativeFirst, in order to use Socrative, you have to, create a profile on It is easily created by clicking on 'Sign up' in the top right corner, and typing your e-mail-adress and a password of your own choice. After clicking 'Create Account', enter your name, and give a few other informations. Then you'll get a brief introduction to the tool.

Socrative forsideWhen the introduction is completed, you can click 'Start Socrative' in a dialog box. Then you will see the front page of Socrative. The most important thing here is the number, it says in the upper right corner; your 'Room Number'. This number you should share with your students, when they are to respond to one of your test or one of your questions.

Elev sideStudents can answer your questions and test by visiting the website and enter the 'Room Number' you have given them. They will then have your questions and quizzes displayed when you start them.

They can also download an App for Android or iPhone/iPad.

Socrative forsideOn the frontpage you have various options to create tests and questions. At the top you have the 'Single Question Activities'. The three options that are given here, can be used in connection with the oral questions from you, which you want the learners' written responses to. It is possible to ask multiple choice questions, where you ask the question and give three response options verbally, and the learners then select one of the three possible answers.

There is also the opportunity of letting the students answer a true/false question, and finally, there is the opportunity to let your students respond to your question in open text-fields. Especially the last possibility is good for creating discussions on class.

Elevernes svarIf you click one of these three options you will see a screen with the learners' answers to your questions. The students' answers will appear on the screen continuously, and you can display the incoming replies on the Board.

Next, you have different options for running a quiz or test. You can run a test that you've authored, or you can run an 'Exit Ticket', which allows you, at the end of a lesson, to see if your students have learned what they should. You can also run a quiz/test as a game, where students are divided into two or more teams and compete against each other.

Opret testTo create a new test/quiz, click 'Manage Quizzes'. On the page you arrive at, you have the option to create a new quiz – click on 'Create a Quiz'

Skriv spørgsmålAt the top you give your quiz a name, and then you can enter your questions. You have both the opportunity to make multiple choice questions, with one or more correct answers, and to create open questions, to be answered with text. When you are done click on 'Save' at the bottom. You will now see a dialog box with an 'SOC' number. This number you can share with your colleagues, whereby they are given the opportunity to use your test in their own teaching.

You now need to click on 'Main Screen' in the top right corner to get back to the front page and get your quiz started. On the front page click on 'Start Quiz'.

Start quizOn the following page you will be given the option to choose which test you want to start (scroll bar at the top), and to start the test. It can either be started in a way, so please that you choose when students will have the next question ('Teacher Paced Quiz') or so that students proceed at their own pace ('Student Paced Quiz'). At the bottom you can select whether response options to the questions will be displayed in random order, and whether students should have immediate response to their answers or not.

Elevernes svarYou start the quiz and can, as with 'Single Question Activities' see the students' received answers continuously (click on 'Live Results'). Again, you can choose to show the answers on the Board.

When everyone has answered, Click on ‘ Than Activity ’. You will then be able to download a report of students' responses as a spreadsheet.

Really enjoy!

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