Learning goal's tale teaching

The learning goal-guided instruction is of politicians and centrally placed researchers touted to be what, to ensure better day care, schools and education. The idea of letting the teaching and education be based on pre-defined learning objectives, is grounded in a political desire to get teachers and educators to focus on children's and students ' learning outcomes, and not on teaching and pædagogikkens content and activities.

Rather than take off in a content, teaching and pedagogy must now be based on competency-based descriptions of the behavior patterns, as one wishes to children, pupils and students must be able to demonstrate after completion of education.

It is my belief, This perspective switch has a number of negative consequences. On this page I collect current texts and materials concerning my critical perspectives on learning goal's tale teaching.

Foredrag om læringsmålstyret undervisning:

Her kan du se et par af mine seneste foredrag om læringsmålstyret undervisning:

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Artikler og debatindlæg om læringsmålstyret undervisning:

Learning has never been the school's purpose, DenOffentlige, may 2016

Competences or skills, New Danish Vision, September 2015

Skolens Formål: Kompetenceudvikling eller tilværelsesoplysning?, New Danish Vision, April 2015

Målstyret læring – når dialogen forstummer, Folkeskolen.dk, October 2014