Criticique of learning-goal-oriented teaching

Learning goal based instruction has by Danish politicians and centrally placed researchers been touted to be what, been touted to be what can ensure better day care, schools and education.

The idea of basing teaching on pre-defined learning objectives, is grounded in a political desire to get teachers and educators to focus on children's and students' learning outcomes, and not on the subject matter and activities of teaching.

Rather than take off in a subject matter, learning goal-driven teaching is based on competency-based descriptions of the behavior patterns, that children, pupils and students should be able to demonstrate after completion of education.

FAQ on learning objectivesI have worked with and criticized the concept of learning objectives in a series of articles, and has most recently published the book FAQ on learning objectives on Hans Reitzels Forlag.

If you are interested in reading or hearing more, or maybe. book a lecture on the concept of learning objectives, you are welcome to visit my website with critical perspectives on learning objectives and learning goal controlled teaching.