MapBox in Education

MapBox is a free service, which lets you create maps and allows you to insert markers with text in the map . MapBox is suitable primarily for use within the dialogical form of teaching.


Within the dialogical form of teaching MapBox can for instance be used for field trips. The teacher can create a map and set markers at specific locations, which students must pass on the excursion. In the map below, I have inserted three markers on a map of Aarhus City, Denmark, and given the students a task on each location.

It is also possible to let the students create their own maps, and to allow them to insert markers with information on different locations. Used in this way, MapBox can help prepare students for a field trip. One can for example have the students work in groups to find interesting locations in the city they are to visit, and then let the groups exchange maps to allow the students to explore the city using the map that another group has made.

To use MapBox you need to create a free account. Such can be created here. A free account lets you create an unlimited number of maps, but they are limited to be viewed 3.000 times. You can upgrade for $5 a month, which gives you 10.000 map views per month.

You can share maps by embedding them as I have done above, and as normal images, or as a link.

If you need help getting started using MapBox, you can read a guide here.

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