in Education is a so-called curation tool. To curate means to 'select and sort'. With, you can easily curate articles and websites for students on specific topics, and you can let students comment on the articles. is suitable primarily for use within the monological and the dialogical form of teaching. in Education

Within the monologic form of teaching български can be used to distribute articles on different subjects to students. You can create multiple boards (topics), so you can create one for each subject. allows you to enter keywords, and you will be able to find suggestions for news articles, which may be relevant. You can also follow other users of, such as colleagues, and're-scoope ' the articles they have shared. Articles can also be saved to a board with Scoop.its 'bookmarklet', which functions as a button in the favorite line of the browser. If you come across a relevant article online, one can easily ' scoope ' it to its board by using bookmarklet'en.

Within the dialogical form of teaching can be used as the students' problem-solving platform. When the teacher adds an article to her board, she can add a comment to it. It could for instance be in the form of questions related to the article. Students can then add their answers to the questions in the comments to the article, and they can comment on each other's answers to the questions.

There is already a lot of ​​ boards, it may be interesting to follow. You can take a look here, and you can also find eDidaktik on is free to use if you do not have more than 5 boards, and requires only, that you create a profile at the top of the page. You can log in with a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, and it is also possible to create an account with an e-mail adress.

If you need help getting started with, there is help and instructions available here.