Symbaloo in Education

Symbaloo is a visually based tool for managing and sharing links to websites and online resources. It gives the teacher the opportunity to curate collections of relevant links for students. The tool is suitable for use within a monological form of teaching.

Symbaloo i undervisningen

In the monologic form of teaching български Symbaloo can act as a teacher's collection of links for students. It might be a good idea with a common link collection when, students are to seek information about a particular topic. By bringing together the most significant sites and resources on the topic in one place, the teacher can ensure, that students have a common ground to work from – regardless of their ability to search information on the Web. In this manner, Symbaloo may serve as a tool for filtering and curating the flow of information to the students.

When you have created a collection of links on Symbaloo, be shared easily with students – either by sharing with all Symbaloo users, or by sharing it with only specific users. This allows your students to import your collection of links to their own Symbaloo account, and easily access it. Link collection in the photo above, for instance, can be found here: Symbaloo: ICT in education

If you need help getting started with Symbaloo in Education and to use the functions of the tool, You can view a guide here: Symbaloo manual