Sidengo in Education

Sidengo is a free tool for producing and publishing websites. With Sidengo it is quick and easy to create a website for a class, or to let students create their own websites. Sidengo is suitable for use within the monological and the dialogical form of teaching.

Sidengo in Education

In the monologic form of teaching, Sidengo can be used to inform students about professional subjects or to distribute practical messages. The teacher can post articles, videos and documents on the webiste she has created in Sidengo, and it can function as the teachers' distribution platform.

In the dialogical form of teaching Sidengo can be used as a platform for students' productions. The students' media- and text productions can be posted on their individual websites, and by using the same website over time, it may function as the student's personal portfolio. It is easy for students to import media from services like SoundCloud, Vimeo and YouTube.

Sidengo is free to use, and requires only, that you create a profile here. If you need help getting started with Sidengo, you can find it here.

Prezi in Education

Prezi is a free, visual presentation tool. It has become very popular over the recent years, and many have already replaced their Powerpoints with Prezi-presentations, because the tool gives some new visual possibilities and is easy to use.

Prezi is suitable primarily for the monological or the polyphonic form of teaching.


In the monologic form of teaching, Prezi can be used by the teacher tointroduce to a topic, and to present the main concepts of the subject to the class.

Within the polyphonic form of teaching You can let students collaborate on the development of a Prezi — you can, for example, allow groups of students work simultaneously with different parts in a Prezi-presentation, and turn it into a kind of common ' mind-map ' on a topic. The tool can also be used for students ' presentations – it will for many be motivating pupils to be able to make a nice, visual presentation, and since the tool is intuitive and easy to use, the vast majority of learners will be able to use it after a short introduction.

If you need technical help getting started using Prezi in education and to exploit the features of the tool, You can read a detailed guide here: Getting started with Prezi in Education.