ThingLink in Education

ThingLink is a free web-based tool, which allows for the creation of interactive images. The tool allows both teacher and students to tag specific spots in an image and to embed links, sounds and video, to create visual information- and link collections. ThingLink is primarily suited for use within the monological and the dialogical form of teaching.

In the monologic form of teaching български the teacher can use ThingLink to present materials to students. For example it is, in preparation for excursions, possible to create an image of a map of the area or town you are visiting in Thing Link, and highlight the main points of interest on the map, and then embed links to pages and articles with further information on the various points of interest. You can also add audio recordings to an image by using SoundCloud, and you can embed the ThingLink images on a website, as I have done above (hold your mouse over the image to see the nested tags).

Within the dialogical form of teaching students can use ThingLink to gather information on specific topics. The tool can be used for brainstorming, but it is also a great tool for image analysis, where students can put comments in various places in the image (in the same way as in Live Minutes), and where they can link to other people's texts on specific elements of the image.

You have to create a free account to be able to use ThingLink. The account can be created using an existing login for Twitter or Facebook, and allows you to upload up to 100 images. If you need more than that, you can upgrade for $5 a month.

If you need help getting started using ThingLink, help is available on the website here.

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