TodaysMeet in Education

TodaysMeet is a tool, which can be used to maintain students' focus on the subject of the teacher's lecture. The tool allows students to continually post comments, questions and answers on the screen, while the teacher undergoes a topic. You can create a room in TodaysMeet without creating a user account, and need only give the students access to the room by sharing a url with them.

TodaysMeet is primarily suited for use within the monologic form of teaching, .

Within the monologic form of teaching, it is obvious to use TodaysMeet as a common reflection- and questions / answers platform, displayed on the projector / interactive whiteboard. Students can continually ask questions aimed at the teacher and each other about the content of what is presented, and they may have solved some of the doubts, that slows their understanding of the presented subject.

The teacher gets an insight into, whether his / her presentation is well adapted to the students, and the whispering that normally takes place at the back of the class, is channeled into class using TodaysMeet, and may contribute to the ongoing evaluation and adaptation of teaching.

Following the teacher's presentation, one can examine the contents of TodaysMeet-room, and ensure that everyone gets their questions answered.