Wideo in Education

Wideo is a free tool for producing videos, which lets you create small animated stories with the use of sounds and images. It is primarily suited for use within the dialogical form of teaching.

Wideo in Education

Within the dialogical form of teaching you can let the students use Wideo to create short stories. Wideo can be a great alternative to the traditional written story, especially for those students who lack writing skills.

There are a variety of backgrounds, images and sounds in Wideo that students can be inspired by, and it is also possible for them to upload their own images and sounds, after which they can organize and animate them as they like. You animate one scene at a time, and can then connect the scenes and make them into a longer film. When you have finished a movie you can publish and share it, for example, by embedding it on a website.

Wideo is still in Beta, but you can request access to the service here.

If you would like to know more about Wideo, you can watch this Wideo introduction, which presents the most basic functions of the tool. If you create a profile you will also be given a tutorial the first time you create a movie.