Wikispaces in Education

Wikispaces is an easy to use wiki tool with many education-related applications. It gives the opportunity to collaborate on the completion and editing of the class/team's own wiki. Wikispaces does not allow to work simultaneously in the same manner as Hackpad – on the other hand, gives the opportunity to create folder structures, and it makes it easier to incorporate more advanced content such as videos and audio clips. The tool is suitable for use within the polyphonic form of teaching and the monologic form of teaching, .

In the polyphonic form of teaching it is obvious to use Wikispaces as the team's common knowledge platform. It is possible to create folders, with content related to different topics, and learners can collaborate on filling the pages contained in each folder, and in this way contribute to the common production of knowledge. It is possible to discuss about the contents of the different pages (each page has an associated talk page), and one can see the history of changes on each page.

In the monologic form of teaching, Wikispaces can be used as the teacher's distribution platform. The teacher can collect articles, videos and other material about the relevant subjects in a wiki. One may also place links to relevant article databases etc. in a wiki, and students can use these links when they seek information for solving their assignments. It is also possible to let students submit assignments in the wiki – e.g. a wiki in Wikispaces can be a good platform for the collection of student-produced videos.

Wikispaces also offers the opportunity to organizing students in project teams, by which a group of students have access to specific folders and pages, and have different rights to write and modify specific wiki sections.

If you need help getting started with Wikispaces in the education and to use the functions of the tool, you can read this this video-based introduction, which shows you how to create your first wiki. On the Youtube-channel of Wikispaces you can see a series of videos showing, how to utilize the various features of Wikispaces.